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First Black Fast Food Franchise

Financially Forwarding Black Culture

Essene Yahudah Business Model



Vegans meatless restaurant will be the first major black fast food franchise with a business plan aimed directly at putting an end to poverty for all employees and supporters. Our goal is to have the best food and equal opportunities on earth.

The Essene Yahudah Business Plan

We believe the current structure of most businesses will not be sustainable in the future for people born free.

Creating businesses where the founder or investors receive most of the profits will be a thing of the past.

Humans will desire their time and effort be worth more than a weekly paycheck.

All Vegans employees and supporters will receive top compensation and equity for their time and energy.

Vegans will be a communal franchise focused on building a better life for The Children of Israel and Gentiles worldwide.

Black Grandma Recipes

When my mother passed away I realized that many of our great recipes and culture will be lost.

We all should be documenting our culture and benefiting from our history,

In America Black people our known for producing great dishes in all styles of food.

It is time for us to benefit from the flavor we bring to the earth.

Vegans menu will be the most flavorful fast food menu in the world with secret recipes from the best soul food cooks in the world.

Why Vegan?

It is no secret that many people are turning away from eating meat. The problem with being a vegan is availability and variety.

Another issue is trust. Restaurants that also serve meat can’t be fully trusted with keeping your food away from meat.

This is a problem for any true vegan. Nothing ruins your day like finding a pepperoni on your cheese slice or a shrimp in your french fries.

Vegans deserve a place to eat that they can be one hundred percent sure about the food they eat.

Absolutely no dead animals will be cooked or served at Vegans guaranteed.

Donation vs Investment

For us to accomplish this on a scale enough to be effective. We have to be able to build huge funds in a short period of time with donations.

In America it is a law prohibiting 1 million people to share stocks in the same company.

A business with more than 2,000 distinct shareholders, totaling $10 million or more in capital, must file with the SEC even if it is a privately-held company.

The only way around this law is donations.

It is no limit on people coming together to accomplish a goal with donations.

With this kind of dedication, we can fund franchises overnight as a nation and build a better future for our people.

Financially Forwarding Black Culture

Waiting for someone else to change your poverty is a waist of time. We need to stop making excuses and start coming up with real plans that bring real success.

Some of the companies our people built are the richest companies in the world.

This is proof we can do this for ourselves and actually build something our offspring can benefit from in the future.

Our culture is one of the most popular cultures in the world, It is time for us to finally share the profits of our culture worldwide.

Imagine being treated and paid right for your hard work.

No more folding your hands and hiding your slang for 8 hours a day.

This is all very possible, Donate Now

118 reviews for Vegans Meatless Restaurant

  1. Re-Up Musik

    It’s time for us to do more under God $100 πŸ’΅.

  2. Eric Bishop

    from the Westside great moment 4 us though Peace on God

  3. Sam Allen

    I will donate more later just had to show love.

  4. Kandy Bell

    $30 a month from my family love the movement

  5. Janna Israel

    We just shared the info too, this a real wave bro love it

  6. nevsa

    This is how we can do something major as a nation

  7. Angelo Mathis

    $20 monthly from me bro, stay up

  8. Amy Paterson

    $100 from Georgia Baby.

  9. patvarc8i

    More people should be sharing this, if you can’t donate

  10. Randy White

    I think this would create jobs in the ghetto

  11. rudolf.gallop57

    We need no more Black vs Jamaican Black vs African this is not natural for peace

  12. Paul Williams

    yo this could really work tho u need to get on TV

  13. orpha

    I watched all your videos thank you so much

  14. The Nerd

    If I donate the most will I be a top person in this nation???

  15. Bee Wise

    Please share this so our children can have a better life in the future

  16. melba.easter

    Instagram be hatin on us let’s build people.

  17. Tray Apollo

    I would like to offer more help I will contact you.

  18. Marcus Baker

    All praises to the Most High Power

  19. khannice92

    BET should be playing this all nite in stead of other garbage

  20. Will Smith

    great idea bro good way to stand up

  21. gray

    Just had to support after watchin Thy Redeemer

  22. juanita

    Shalom from Eastside Hell,NY
    This is needed ASAP πŸ’―

  23. fleurette

    Together we can do anything divided nothing πŸ’―

  24. Nerdy Jones

    just dropped my bud money for the wave lmao πŸ˜­πŸ’š

  25. Cee Cee Powell

    Absolutely amazing thank you

  26. engr.aamir.kamal

    No More Excuses Black Men stand for something.

  27. Black Thinker

    Stay strong this will take a while I will help

  28. paul.w

    Should have had this on my site bro I got u

  29. james

    Some how we have to make this viral it’s so major for Israel

  30. edythedynon3

    Poor people should start a wave like this

  31. Carol Simpson

    10 monthly love the idea

  32. Kimberly Ross

    So many ways we can make this happen I will do videos soon

  33. mela

    I always wanted to be apart of something like this

  34. jeanie

    Minimum wage vs Slavery video lead me here. Positive Vibe.

  35. wright

    I want to be apart of this, better than my life now

  36. melida

    I want to hold zoom calls about this plan. We fill this is very possible and you are changing the mindset of our people ❀ πŸ™Œ πŸ‘ πŸ•™

  37. tom

    That Playlist is deep bro I see we’re you going

  38. Dylan Green

    we need to get it together and stop hating on each other

  39. jimmy

    We need to do more videos about the plan I will help

  40. mubashermubi

    πŸ’―β€ I see u bro, you got my full support

  41. Eric Harris

    This is what we should be doing with our money πŸ’―

  42. bocassiniki

    My girl told me to support this. She was so serious πŸ‘€

  43. Jason Morris JR

    We need to run them numbers up 4 real.

  44. maybelle

    Subscribed and donated brother stay strong πŸ’―

  45. clark

    All Christians should take notice WWJD here?

  46. lesli-pound

    $20 a month. I can smell the Mac & cheese now

  47. Joseph

    I will pray and support brother shalom

  48. ligia

    πŸ’― Would love to help more with the movement asap. I have a following on Facebook

  49. Randy White Jr

    We need to make this go viral πŸ’― this is good for Africa and Israel

  50. nicks

    This is the only thing Black we should be talking about πŸ’―

  51. zena

    This could be a sign of true unity

  52. issie

    We can’t wait on the White to do everything for us Sorry $50

  53. She Righteous

    I would like to see more of our people doing things like this πŸ’―

  54. mistymaricela

    Thy Redeemer video is lit dude. It’s time to unite $20 a month

  55. will.sam

    All people should support this

  56. dev83

    This is major to me thank you

  57. irene

    Seen this on thehiphop.us sounds revolutionary. Great upside

  58. patrick

    Thumbnail caught my attention lol love the message you share.

  59. harmony

    I’m not Black I’m OJ $100 from Florida.

  60. hmpscovlknq

    If we won’t who will $25

  61. hope

    Watched the Playlist 5 times lmao. Shalom Ack

  62. suhaan.krystopher

    We see you in Texas brother thanks

  63. a.lis.s.ame.l.o.n.o.va

    wonderful plan I will spread the word about it πŸ€ŸπŸΏβœŒπŸΏπŸ‘

  64. grover

    All the money we spend on blunts and Nikes could build this with no problem

  65. hardrilkamil1972

    We need to fight against poverty together as 1 Nation.

  66. kelle

    Why is black athletes not talking about this?

  67. mubasher

    Just donated $50 a month I believe this is needed asap

  68. wprazaul

    Just donated $20 love y’all

  69. hamza.mehmood

    Remember me bro I want to be apart of this with my time

  70. laurenmcclanahan

    Heard about this on Twitter seems very legit and possible

  71. lory

    Did some thinking on this all night smh great plan brother

  72. tiwarierik

    Never heard nothing like this before. We need to start thinking more

  73. David Clarkson

    please start in Chicago πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

  74. sajjadrafique25

    I think most blacks will not understand the ramifications of something with this kind of magnitude

  75. gujjarmazhar903

    Pray 4 Israel people we need this now not later

  76. m.ill.e.n.kas.abalo.n.k.o.vs.kyas

    Just sent you a email I need to discuss some opportunities I have for this.


    Will I be favored some how for being your first supporter

  78. pearlene.robillard13

    I believe in Black United love the message brother.

  79. namelymbsf

    Just think of all the money we waste while we could be building great things as a nation

  80. Alana

    Facebook I shared this to help free my people stay woke

  81. mub

    I trust you to complete this brother

  82. Haseem Isreal

    Our people deserve something like this

  83. khannice

    some how you need to reach all the churches with this

  84. jami

    This some Black Time Magazine Ish… Peace Bro

  85. john

    People on YouTube was hatin we got yo back though

  86. danny

    10 million blacks in NYC this should be easy, stand up

  87. jakobmuise911

    Haters will think of every reason to hold us back, remember this.

  88. Aeriel

    10 monthly is what I did. I will do a video about this soon

  89. jane

    Pizza money could actually help our people in the long run

  90. Anil Joshi

    this should be viral in the black community very strong idea for us

  91. jaden

    It’s hard reaching Black people mentally and respect what you doing

  92. nguyenlukhanhduy

    Your plan is big and white people secretly do the same all the time.

  93. James White

    good to see others supporting 1 of the best things I ever seen on YouTube

  94. k.mills

    We should all spread the word about this black united 4real

  95. hanzala11may15

    ten dollars is not bad for a idea like this

  96. smith.w

    This is a way for all righteous men to do something good together

  97. mohamedansak

    Please this makes much sense but I have more ideas

  98. kylie

    I will try to get this on the radio, very controversial conversation

  99. aniljoshi338

    It’s hard to convince Black men to do anything positive so I applaud the effort πŸ’―

  100. gabykaram

    imagine this in every ghetto how much money would that generate

  101. aakash123

    Very possible just sent $50

  102. Cardy

    $250 we getting money over here stay focused brother.

  103. ernalowrie

    Seen it on Facebook had to show some love good luck

  104. george.sterm.123

    Poor people from all over should support this

  105. yasha

    Most people think we too rebellious to accomplish anything

  106. elfrida

    This could be bigger than Black wall street if you really think about it

  107. fiann

    My man said yall good people so I donated thank for caring.

  108. hilary

    I will donate as my tides for now on thanks

  109. drake

    $40 man I hope everything works out

  110. giana

    This is the Christian thing to do, ease the pain of the future blacks that will live on earth

  111. bob

    The honor our heroes wall got me. Shalom Ack

  112. chris.pane

    For a while I have been wanting to be apart of something special

  113. mmmamhar

    How can we speed this up I am tired of working for nothing I want to join Black united

  114. pollard

    Bro said no more folding your hands lmao 😭

  115. kordula

    Black celebrities never help us do anything. And we support them SMH @Ninjas

  116. Michael

    πŸ’― Praise Ye Yah. I would love to see this in the city.

  117. audie

    For gas money we can help the hebrews have more peace on Earth. Being Black is hard af

  118. S miles

    Jamaica and African support is a major key also

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