if it wasn’t for Me and Josh Allen, You would be 9 and 8 some fuckin where.


No New Stadium,

No Madden Cover.

Let’s talk about that shit.

Let’s talk about how these people in Orchard Park eating caviar and grey poupon.

Riding my wave,

while I work as a slave in the shit hole city I saved.

Let’s talk about what God see.


People in suits, Telling Fairytales.

Forgetful ass Josh Rosen & Sam Darnald fans,

You stink.

This shit smell like satan.

Buffalo Somebody lying.

This Josh Allen wave started on Hell Avenue.

No where else.

I got the receipts.

But guess what I noticed,

Average people don’t believe anything.

They refuse to believe Josh Allen was discovered by a Black Man.

They refuse to believe The Bible is real.

And the majority of the people on earth.

Refuse to believe The Most High God is real.

All of this is a dangerous game of evil.

Let me show you.

2nd Thessalonians 2: 11 – 12

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

Now let me explain what this means in your life right now.

When all of you are praying to God about this city winning a Super Bowl.

Maybe God is saying,

These ungrateful mutha fuckaz want a Super Bowl.

While the man that saved the city is walking on slave legs.

Are you serious?

Maybe God is saying,

You conceited assholes won’t say hello to the man that saved this city.

While Star Lotulelei is somewhere spending 50 million dollars of Buffalo money on Hawaiian pizza.

Now do that sound like a team that deserves to win a Superbowl.

If you was God,

Would you grant them their desires?


Do some soul searching.

Try again next year.


Buffalo I know what you’re thinking.

Why is this man startin all this drama right now?

Buffalo what if I’m saving your shit whole city again.

What if that’s what you listening to.

What if the most high God showed me last October that this team has lost righteous favor.

You wouldn’t believe me.

Just like you didn’t believe me,

when I told you Josh Allen was our next quarterback.

Just like you didn’t believe me,

When I told you Josh Allen was the next goat.


Pay Attention.

John 8:32

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

I pulled you out of that dumpster.

I made you the number one story in the world without a super bowl.

My knowledge in Football and Marketing,

Combined with prayer and fasting,

Saved this city.

Glory to our father in heaven.

With him.

Nothing is impossible.


Black people don’t believe anything until a white man say it.

And white people don’t believe anything until a man in a suit say it.

So I got something special for you.

I want you to hear what the richest man in my city has to say.

Pay Attention.

At the groundbreaking event for the Buffalo Bills New Stadium.

Uncle Terry made an emotional speech.

In this speech he said our current roster has Bills Mafia stamped all over it.

What could he possibly be referring to?

Maybe Uncle Terry is talking about his secret Black Nephew from East Side Hell.

Welcome to The Josh Allen Show,

Where slavery still exists and hell yeah I’m a angry black mutha fucka,

It is what it is.

This whole city angry.

It ain’t shit to do here.

No opportunity.

No good ideas or courage to change anything.

Foreign landlords.

10 lost souls on Jefferson.

47 people dieing in a snow storm.

And Fentanyl is killing people every fuckin day.

This shit is terrible.

Anybody from Buffalo, got the right to be mad.

Why is somebody always holding us back,

From getting the things we want?

What make these other cities better than us?


We took the whole state of New York and shit still ain’t right up here.

If we won a Super Bowl tomorrow,

I got a bad feeling this city will still be a hell hole the day after.

Will we forever be New York city’s shity distant cousin?

This is what I think about when I’m forced to watch mediocre football.

My Soul Tired.

We should be looking at a dynasty football team by now.

But because of skin color, zip codes and opportunity.

We look brainless.

Surely oppression make a wise man mad.

Buffalo I’m Sorry.

But the full Josh Allen vision lives in my head, and you are not getting it for free.

Poverty is a serious condition,

And iniquity is grossly unfair behavior.

So anything less than paying me my money,

Is slavery.

This shit ain’t right.


After Josh Allen’s first 300 yard game.

Uncle Terry should have been
In the middle of the ghetto,

knocking at my door, with a check for my services.

I rescue franchises, city’s and regions.

I bring joy to fan bases.

I generate billions of dollars.

I pick Quarterbacks better than anybody in The NFL.

Check my resume.

No I’m not smokin crack,

No I’m not chasing clout.

I’m pulling up with receipts.

Show some respect.

We made history in 2017.

What we did will never be done again on earth.

In real time.

You are watching greatness.

And I believe God,

Has a higher purpose surrounding our story.

Pay Attention.

Isaiah 29:14

Therefore, behold, I will proceed to do a marvellous work among this people, even a marvellous work and a wonder: for the wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the understanding of their prudent men shall be hid.

Now let’s look up the word prudent.

Acting with or showing care and thought for the future.

Buffalo if I wasn’t in this city, thinking about our future.

You would be fuckin miserable.

No Quarterback,

Nothing to watch.


No New Stadium.

No Madden Cover,

No Playoffs.

Please Stop regurgitating lies,

And Pay me, My Money.

Yo Josh, You my man’z.

Congratulations on all of the success.

But sometimes, Nice people finish last in a world like this.

Josh this team should be just like the city it’s named after.

We Always Pissed off and we super serious about this game.

Bruh I ain’t bring you hear for all this Americas football team apple pie lying bullshit.

Bruh I wanna be the righteous villains.

Bruh I wanna be the blackest, ashyest, angriest team to ever play the game of football.

No Vaseline, No haircuts,

Just Vengeance.

That’s real super bowl shit.

Bruh I heard the day before the Cincinnati game, One of the Buffalo Bills was out getting their nails done.

Are you serious?

Yo Josh I don’t want you on the same fuckin team wit a nigga that get his nails done.

I don’t care who it is.

Bruh Orchard Park is a nice place.

Shout out to the farmers.

But that laid-back everything is gonna be alright vibe is rubbing off on that team.

The Buffalo Bills showed up to that last playoff game like it was a fuckin football meeting.

Bruh everything is not gonna be alright if we show up to another playoff game like that.

Trust me.

The same people handing out free hot dogs and jumping through tables in the parking lot,

Will be your worst enemy,

If we get embarrassed like that again.

Now Josh, it’s time for some special shout outs around here,

Shout Out to.

Byron Brown.

In 2010 this man pulled up on Wick street,

where people was gettin shot at every night.

Shook my hand, then he said.

Tell all drug dealers it’s time to get out or go to jail.

Yo Josh, I started packin as soon as he left.

Bruh if the mayor show up at yo trap spot, Game over.

Also in 2010.

Byron Brown and Thurman Thomas unified High School football in Buffalo.

Making it possible for The black football teams,

to finally play the white football teams.

Yes, this place was still segregated in 2010.

Since then more athletes from Buffalo are receiving division one scholarships.

Shout Out to.

Bucky Brooks for mentioning my wave on ESPN.

Before that,

The City of Buffalo wanted nothing to do with Josh Allen.

Shout Out to.

The U-Crest Fire Department.

Cheektowaga is known as a prejudice town.

But on December 23rd 2022.

They saved my life.

I asked God for one more chance,

Five minutes later two white dudes smoking black and milds.

Pulled me out of that storm.

Thank you.

Shout Out to.

Bocci’s Pizza.

The best pizza in the world.

Josh, they helped me feed my family for years.

And Matt is the Josh Allen of slinging Pizza.

He deserves his own Bocci’s.

And finally.

We gotta shout out the Bums of Buffalo.

Sweet home school district.

These evil people hid my mother’s retirement money.

Had her living in poverty for years.

Kathy you might wanna see what’s going on over there.

And that gas station on winspear and bailey is a shit hole ran by a evil little bitch.

Black people don’t spend a dime with these weirdos.

Same thing for,

The Subway on main street and the one on union.

Fuck you and your nasty ass lettuce sandwiches.