Young Israelite women teaching the truth is hard to find. This is why when i first seen

a video from SpeakHerVoice Too, I watched her preach the truth for hours.


I have met Israelite women before,  Most of them seem to only be interested in learning.

But Shay is the first young Israelite women that i ever seen preaching the truth better

than many men,  With a spiritual star power that i have never seen before.


Her love and devotion to Our Father in Heaven can emotionally bring tears to your eyes.

When she prays you can feel her faith in your own soul.

The videos give you a feeling like she just talking about God and the truth

with her girlfriends. But don’t get it twisted, When tested by users on YouTube Shay holds her ground with no problem.


5% Israelites attack her all the time with half knowledge and she is able

to back them down with real truth. Very entertaining.

We need to see more young Israelite Women speak the truth like Shay.

Women have more power in the black community than they seem to realize.

Maybe men and children hearing the truth coming from our young women could make a

difference in our community.


Shay connects with her audience very well, And she is apart of a new generation

of teachers with the same message, Different approach.

This new style of teaching could be a great benefit to the new church.

Israelites have been stereo typed as angry black Men that stand on corners screaming

by the main stream media.


But this is not the case for all of Israel and we all play our own part

in teaching the Kingdom of God. We believe Shay has the potential to go viral with her message and teach millions The Holy Bible.

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