This video is very important in our Black History. 

Benayah Israel reveals documented information of a Black Man named Yahya
who is known for being a descendent of King David from The Holy Bible.

Yahya and his family tree are also documented in the Jewish Encyclopedia.

This is actual proof that the original Jews are Black.

If we had our own news channel, This would be breaking news, And very hard to debate.

This means the next time someone like Bill Maher laughs at Black people being the people
of the Bible.

All you have to do is mention the name Yahya. TKO

This video should be shared by every black man on the planet earth.

We need to know that we were not just slaves and The Holy Bible is our history book
and key to reconnecting with The God of our forefathers.

Halleluyah for blessing us with this key information.

I believe more proof of the black man being the real Jews is being hidden from us
by some Anti-Semite movements.

But our God has a time for everything.

Benayah Israel also reveals the origin of the word Negro with Black people.

This is a well researched video, So please show his channel Black Love.

Now let’s have some fun.

Bill Maher made an attempt to Re-Enslave the Black Mind on his show by acting like
it’s no possible way, The people known as slaves on earth could not be the same slaves
in The Undefeated Holy Bible.

So please share The Link to this page with him on Twitter @billmaher

Wanna-Be Elites need to know Knowledge has increased on earth just like
The Undefeated Holy Bible predicted and we will no longer sit back and be mocked
by such a nobody Anti Semitic comedian like Bill Maher.

Please let Bill know that it is actually more proof that black people are the actual
Jews of The Holy Bible and no one can find any proof that The Khazar is even apart of Israel at all.

HBO = Shame On You.