We don’t wish any harm to the so called rapper Lil Nas X, But this recent blatant attempt to destroy our black youth should be a strong concern for the Israelite and hip hop community.

Are we this weak as a nation and community, That any devil worshiping kid can attack us like this without even having to explain his self.

When will a Real Israelite Rapper stand up for something. I think this is totally disrespectful in some many ways. It saddens me to see a black man stoop so low for nothing.

Far greater rap artist have came and went, With only a handful of true success stories.

So I have to ask what is the black man’s obsession with being Idealized as a rapper.

We have to start teaching are children what this garbage really is when we see it.

Sin, A clear attack on The Kingdom of The Most High Power.

We should refuse listening to anybody associated with Columbia Records and Lil Nas X until this garbage is deleted off the internet. White Men should also question this garbage.

Make Columbia Records and Lil Nas X explain this garbage publicly. What are we allowing are kids to be Brainwashed with?

What is the purpose?

Do Columbia Records and Lil Nas X worship the devil? These questions need to be answered by these people.

Another question that needs to be answered is for The LGBTQ community. Do you support the devil Yes or No?

This terrible music video clearly loves the devil and anything else that would force God’s Judgment on the earth.

We need to know the answers to these questions.

Luckily this song is not popular in the black community and I have never heard anyone listening to this little demon rappers music ever.

I believe this weapon is working on the white community more than us because when you mention Lil Nas X name to a Black Man they all say the same thing,

He Trash.

And many feel he should not be using the name Nas at all. This Godless Creature is No Lil Nasir Jones. He should change his name to Satan’s Bitch after watching 60 seconds of this trash.

Everyone involved with the production of this should be locked up in prison. This is a clear spiritual attack on our people and we are tired of it.

Who is More of a Threat?

A Drug Dealer or Columbia Records?

What Is more important a Governor flirting in his office or this evil spell that’s being casted on our future men.

Look at Marcus Rodgers face during this video. He is absolutely disgusted, And so am I. Who is responsible for this garbage? And why are you hiding in plain site?

Lil Nas X has made himself a complete laughing stock, Wait It ain’t even funny SMH.

Warning to all Black Men dreaming to be a Rapper, This is the kind of stuff you are asking for in your life.
Just think what else did Lil Nas X do for this so called fame. If he did all this on camera, Imagine what he is doing behind closed doors Yikes.

We need more Black men to stand up for what’s right, And stop falling for everything our enemies have to offer.