Nigerians are sadly learning that Islam is not a religion of peace. Muslims terrorizing the innocent people of Nigeria is not a secret, Murder and Mayhem seems to be too common here. And no one seems to understand what the violence is about.

Some say it’s over control of Nigeria, But the target is always Black Christians. This could very well be another attack on Israel as many Nigerians seem to not know their heritage and look just like the black men in America. Also being forced a foreign religion is a common practice against the people of Israel.

Most of the Muslims in Nigeria are most likely Israelites also, But after decades of lies the result is Black on Black Genocide. Just like in the streets of Chicago in America. Black Men using wicked inventions to destroy their own kind.

The conditions in Nigeria are even more dangerous, People are getting harassed or killed over religious disagreements like wearing head covers or is Muhammad a real prophet. Innocent Israelites are being put in jail for teaching The Truth.

Arab people have been pushing their culture on our people for thousands of years. Black Americans have almost completely turned away from Islam. Most Black Muslims have even stopped teaching from the Quran. The Truth from The Holy Bible has spread in America. Making it hard for any false religion to be entertained.

I pray Nigeria turns back to Yahweh and rid their beautiful country of false religions. Praying to White Jesus and Muhammad has destroyed your land and your people. Believing in false prophets leads us to conditions of bondage.

The Muslims in Nigeria seem to be more evil than righteous, always looking for a religious war. This is a very sad state for any human. Nigeria Don’t Be Deceived by outside influences, Let The Arabs worship Muhammad. Let The Arabs Murder their own kind. Let The Arabs be confused.

Let The Israelites in Nigeria be Free and Enjoy Peace.