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Thy Redeemer

This is one of the most important pictures in human history.What you looking at right now is from the kingdom of the most high...

Satan’s Helper | Lil Nas X

We don't wish any harm to the so called rapper Lil Nas X, But this recent blatant attempt to destroy our black youth should...

Yahya (Black Proof)

This video is very important in our Black History. Benayah Israel reveals documented information of a Black Man named Yahyawho is known for being a...

Yahweh (White Proof)

Some Black People don't believe anything until a White Man confirms it.So here is a White Jewish Rabbi telling you the sacred name of...

Isaiah 58 (Black Help)

The information in this video changed my life. Kevin LA Ewing explains how Israel asked God why prayer and fasting was not working. God...

New Daughters of Zion

Young Israelite women teaching the truth is hard to find. This is why when i first seen a video from SpeakHerVoice Too, I watched...

Pork Is Unclean (Dietary Law)

Many Black Churches still serve our people pork and preach that Jesus/Yahshuadied so we do not have to follow the law anymore.But Jesus/Yahshua clearly...

Deuteronomy 28 (Black Punishment)

When I first heard Deuteronomy 28, It was like an unveiling of something I needed to hear all my life. As a grown man...
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