Welcome to The Josh Allen Show.
Where Slavery Still Exist,
and I’m Angry and Black.

Brandon Beane,
I like what you did this off-season.
At any time,
Me and You can step into a lion’s Den.
Let’s see what God has to say about,
Who discovered Josh Allen,
and who saved this city.

Brandon was just on the Rich Eisen show.
He was asked a few questions that he did not answer well.
Notice how…
No one can really explain,
What was so special about Josh Allen.
Then…. the man said he made the decision 3 weeks before the draft.
Ok cool.

You doing a great job and we appreciate you.

But I got a better question than Rich Eisen.
Brandon who started the Josh Allen Wave in Western New York?
Was it?

A. Brandon Beane
B. Sean McDermott
C. The Buffalo Bills scout team
D. The Bills Mafia
E. Re-Up Musik

Uncle Terry that question is gonna force me to harass this team till the day Josh Allen retires from football.
I thought we all was cool.
lately I feel very slighted.
So let me refresh somebody’s memory.

I Slam Dunked Josh Allen to a terrible team with horrible history.
Somebody ignored the many Josh Rosen fans in this city and started riding my wave.

That took balls to pull off.

In 2017 Me and Somebody made history.
Who ever it is,
Deserves some credit.
But you are not the nigga that brought Josh Allen to this city.


Buffalo I pulled this team and city out the human dumpster of life.
You was at the bottom smothered in dumpster juice.

You Remember that right.

Bruh I discovered the #1 athlete in the world and these people want me to sit down, shut up and trust the process.

Hell No,

I don’t get no good Mornings from you people, and You don’t support nothing I do.
And I’m absolutely sure none of you have told my Uncle Terry about me yet.
All of this is dis-respect.

All of you are participating in a wicked game.
When a black man do something great you steal all the credit.
But when shit hit the fan.
You blame everything on the same black man.
This is nothing new under the sun.

Leslie Frazier got away from this bullshit,
blaming him for Sean McDermotts defense was Super Lame.
It’s 2023 and somebody is still playing these dukes of Hazzard style games,
in the state of new york.
Was it Leslie Frazier fault we drafted players high, that did not help us on defense.
Was it Leslie’s decision to play 6 yards away from star receivers in a home playoff game?
Buffalo we will never know the real answers to these questions.

But what we do know is this,

People at 1 bills drive have no problems with letting you believe lies.
And A house built on lies has a weak foundation.
Not worthy of righteous favor.
So, when it comes to Leslie Frazier,
Don’t believe the hype.
Buffalo that was a Black Band-Aid and without real change the same problems will reappear as soon as we face a team with better coaching.

Now Stephon Diggs is rubbing people the wrong way in Buffalo.
The image of him throwing his hands up to Josh Allen was a little too much.
But wait a minute.
We all felt the same way in that moment.
The Cincinnati Bengals just flew up here and knocked us out in our own hood.
And when they knocked us out it was like they never had a doubt they could do it.
That was embarrassing.
We all should feel like Stephan Diggs in Buffalo,
but instead of us directing it to Josh Allen,

We should be throwing our hands up to the coaching staff at one bills drive.
My son has been ready to win a super bowl since his third year in the NFL.
What is taking so long for the coaching staff to match the talent.
Josh Allen gets better every year.
What is y’all doing?
That’s the question that needs to be answered here.

So for the rest of this video let’s try to guess what Stephan Diggs was truly saying to Josh Allen on the sideline.
Most of you think he is being a crybaby and asking for the ball.
But what if he saying.

Josh I told you that game plan was wack.
Yo bruh is we soft?
Yo Josh this the same old shit.
Yo is this team cursed?
At home though Josh?
Yo Josh is this the process?
Hey 2 more years and I’m out.
That reporter was right bro,
This is not a super bowl offense.
Josh, How well do you know Ken Dorsey?
Yo I miss Brian Daboll man.
Why do we keep getting out coached?
Why is it taking so long to get things right?
Josh these fans deserve better than this.